Purple Girl was born on 12/21/08 at 12:14 a.m.  She is puppy number
5 out of 7.  Her dam is Ch Cuileann One Hot Minute (Sizzle) and
her sire is Ch Aran The Bet'r To Hear You With (Oki).
Purple Girl - "BiBi"
16 Hours Old and 8.2 oz!
3 Days Old and 11.2 oz
3 Days Old Again!
And Again!
1 Week Old and 15.0 oz!
1 Week Old Again!
2 Weeks Old and 1
pound 9.6 ounces
Still 2 Weeks Old!
2 Weeks Old Again!
Gotta love this face!
This toy is boring!
This is so unfair!!  I
want Mom!
3 Weeks Old and 2
pounds and 4.2 ounces!
This Toy Rocks!
5 Weeks Old and Now
3 lbs 14.4 oz!
Gotta love this face!
Gotta love this face!
Gotta Get That Cow!
That Didn't Work, I'll
Try This Instead!
What A Cool Toy!
I'm 7 Weeks Old Now
Gotta love this face!
Hey, Where Is
My Human Is A
Sloppy Housekeeper!
This Out!