This coat which is considered to be non-shedding  requires a tremendous amount of
maintenance (brushing and combing daily) to keep it free of mats.   

Coat care is a commitment you must make to your pup.  Imagine what it would feel like
if your hair wasn't brushed daily and several weeks later someone suddenly  took a
brush with sharp prongs and started raking it over your scalp.  This is what a wheaten
goes through when their owners do not take the 15 minutes daily to brush and then
comb them out.

For more extensive information on grooming - including the correct "tools" to use, how
to brush and comb, and trimming - click on the link below.

Help Me Groom My Wheaten

If you are interested in learning how to groom your pet Wheaten, I highly encourage
ordering a copy of the
Wheaten Pet Grooming DVD by longtime Wheaten Breeder and
Professional Dog Handler, Shari Boyd Carusi.  The proceeds from the sale of this DVD
go to the
Colony Dogs at North Carolina State University School of Veterinary
Medicine to support the ongoing research into the heritable diseases in Wheatens!