Ch Edgewood Liberty Rising Cuileann

Libby is my second Wheaten and the foundation of my breeding program.  She
was bred by Carl McGill of Edgewood Wheatens in Virginia.  Libby was born
November 2, 2001.

For Libby's Pedigree, click

Libby was shown to her Championship by Shari Boyd Carusi and she finished in
the top 25
Wheatens for 2004.

Libby has been bred twice, producing a total of 15 pups.  

Meet Libby's puppies from her
2005 litter.

Meet  Libby's puppies from her
2006 litter.

Libby now lives with Dr. Tuck in MA and is bringing joy to Dr. Tuck .  Libby also
gets to romp a couple of nights a weeks at Beth's house with Arthur who is an
Airedale.  Beth is a close friend of Dr. Tuck.
Libby and Reilly at a NJ
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L to R: Beth, Libby & Dr. Tuck