Lilac Girl was born on 12/21/08 at 2:31 a.m.  She was the 6th out of 7
Pups in the litter.  Her dam is Ch Cuileann One Hot Minute (Sizzle)
and her sire is Ch Aran The Bet'r To Hear You With (Oki).
Lilac Girl - "Lilac"
16 Hours Old and  10
3 Days Old and now
12.4 oz!
2 Weeks Old and 1 lb
13.6 ounces!
3 Days Again!
1 Week Old and now
16 oz or 1 lb!
1 Week Again!
And Again!
Still 2 Weeks Old!
2 Weeks Old Again!
Still 3 Days Old!
Woo Hoo!  3 Weeks
Hey, How Would You
Like It If I Held Your
Head In Place!
Who Said Toys Are
Supposed To Be
Could Love!
Hey, This Thing Has
Cool!  A New Toy!
Yahoo!  I'm Out And
My Brothers And
Sisters Aren't!
5 Weeks Old and Now