Cuileann Falling Into Grace
Mac was born 7/18/05.  Mac is out of Ch Greentree Darcove Fairytale x Ch
Edgewood Liberty Rising Cuileann.  

Mac lives with Lewis, Carol and Hannah in Phoenix, AZ.    Mac is a wonderful boy and is
dearly loved by his family.  
Dreaming of food
at 2 weeks of age
Mac 1 week old
Mac 1 week old
Mac 2 days old
Mac starting to walk
at 2 weeks of age
Mac on the outside
looking in - 4 weeks old
Walking on mom - 4
weeks old
3 weeks  -  peeking
into the whelping box
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Mac cruising the
kitchen - 5 weeks old
Mac - 5 weeks old
Peaking around the
corner - 5 weeks old
The athlete - 6 weeks od
It's great to be king
- 6 weeks old
Get me out of here!
6 weeks old
Waking up at 7 weeks
Fave's beard is fun to pull
Mac 7 weeks old
Mac hugging mom -
7 weeks old
Toys, Toys and Toys
Mac 7 weeks old
In tunnel heaven -
Mac 7 weeks old
Going home with Carol,
Lewis and Hannah
Mac andHannah - 1st
Day Home
Mac and Sizzle at 1 year of age
Summer 2006, from l to
r:  Carol, Sizzle, Lewis,
Mac and Hannah
Mac's 1st Christmas