My first Wheaten was named Reilly.  He was the product of a puppy mill in Iowa.  I
bought him from an ad in the newspaper.  I didn't know better.  
Reilly had ongoing
health problems and I lost him to brain cancer when he was 6.5 years old.

Since you can't have just one Wheaten and I became interested in getting a show
potential Wheaten, along came Libby.  
Libby is Ch Edgewood Liberty Rising Cuileann
and she is the foundation of my breeding program.  Libby is the dam of
Sizzle and
Tanner.  Libby crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge 4 days after her granddaughter
Scandal whelped 5 puppies, August 3, 2015.  Losing Libby was heartbreaking and has
taken me quite some time to bounce back from.

Next came Favorite who is an Irish Coated Wheaten.  
Favorite is Aran Odds on Favorite
and was bred by Shari Boyd Carusi - breeder of multiple top-winning Wheatens as well
as a Professional Handler.

Sizzle is the pup I kept from Libby's first litter.  She is CH Cuileann One Hot Minute and
lives up to her name.  
Sizzle became a Champion on November 2, 2008.  Sizzle
whelped two litters and her daughter
Scandal is the girl who currently lives with me
and expecting pups.  Sizzle is now living a wonderful life with a retired couple who
devote every breathing moment to her.  She's happy and active at almost 12 years of

Tanner is the pup I kept from Libby's second litter.  He is Cuileann I Got Something.  
That something is attitude and energy!  
Tanner has done well in the show ring with
limited showing.  Tanner has an Irish Coat.  He is now retired and lives with a
wonderful couple who co-own
Scandal with me and also have Scandal's daughter, Aoife.

Scandal and her son from her first litter are my house dogs.  Don't be mistaken, I don't
have a kennel setup.  My dogs rule and run my house.  
Scandal and Bandit are my
wonderful pets.
 Scandal just happens to be a show dog some weekends.

So that's Cuileann Wheatens!
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