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Cuileann Wheatens Puppy Application
Please feel free to complete this application but you must understand
that I breed one litter per year.  I do not ship puppies.  I do not place
puppies without meeting all members of the household at least twice.  
Wheaten puppies in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast area are around
$2,000 whether pet quality or show potential.  All of my pet quality
puppies are placed with a spay/neuter contract.  All show potential
puppies will remain in my name with a co-owner shown on the AKC
registration form.
First and Last Names of Adults in Household
Street Address
Work Phone:
Home Phone
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Referred By
Children's Names & Ages
If Your Children Are Grown Do You Have Grandchildren - Yes or No
If Yes, Names & Ages
If Yes, How Often Do They Visit?
Do Your Grandchildren Have A Pet?
What Kind Of Pet?
If It Is A Dog, Is It Spayed /Neutered?
If No, Why Not?
Why Is It That You Want A Wheaten?
Are You Looking For A Male Or Female?
Why One Sex Vs The Other?
Are You Willing To Have Your Puppy Spayed/Neutered?
Have Your Previously Owned A Wheaten?
If Yes, From Whom Did You Get Your Wheaten?
If Yes, Species & Age
Do You Currently Have Pets?
If A Dog, Is It Spayed/Neutered?
If No, Why Not?
What Happened To Your Previous Pet?
Is Someone Home During The Day?
If You Aren't Home During The Day, How Long Are You Gone?
Do You Have A Fenced Yard?
Type Of Fencing:
Do You Intend To Keep Your Wheaten Indoors or Outdoors?
Do You Rent Or Own Your Home?
How Often Does A Wheaten Need To Be Brushed & Combed?
What Are The Genetic Health Issues Affecting Wheatens?
Will You Take Your Wheaten Pup To Obedience Classes?
If Yes, Vet Name/Practice/Phone:
Do You Currently Have A Vet?
Are You Willing To Do The Annual Health Tests And Supply Me With The Results?
Annual Health Tests Run Around $300/Year.  Are You Comfortable With This?
Additional Information You Would Like To Share:
Completion of this form does not guarantee that you will receive a puppy from my
next litter.  This is the starting point from which we both move forward - I must
feel comfortable that you will provide one of my puppies with the best possible
home and you must feel comfortable that I am breeding for all of the right

I do not ship puppies nor will I place a puppy with a family if I have not met
everyone in the household who will be involved in the care of the puppy.

If you are in agreement and would like to submit this application, you must answer
the following questions yes/no and then hit the submit button below.
I Hereby Certify That The Information I Have Submitted Here Is Correct
I Certify That My Purpose In Acquiring A Wheaten Puppy Is To Have A Family Pet That Will Be Given The Best Of Care: