Meet Reilly, my first Wheaten.  I bought Reilly from an ad in the
newspaper.  I didn't realize this was
not the way to go about getting a

Reilly came from a huge puppy mill in Iowa.  He was sent to a
"broker" in Virginia who then sold the puppies through an ad in the

Reilly had health problems from the day I brought him home - food
allergies, skin allergies, ear infections and protein-loss through the
intestinal tract.  

Reilly's vet bills kept piling up trying to find   relief to the allergies
and intestinal problems.  Throughout it all, Reilly was a trooper.

Once I realized that Reilly came from a puppy mill I became a foster
home for
Wheatens In Need.  In as little as three years time, I
fostered 13 Wheatens that were turned over to
Wheatens In Need.  
Each one of these dogs had been purchased at a pet store.  The people
who bought the Wheatens had no idea that cute little fluffy puppy
was going to grow up to be a high-energy, time-consuming dog who
many times had health problems.

I lost Reilly to a brain tumor in December, 2005.  He was and will
always be my heart dog.  He taught me that there is a way to buy a
dog - from a
Reputable Hobby Breeder.
Thanksgiving 2001
Because I was so enamored with
Wheatens I had to have
another!  This time I decided to
acquire a Wheaten from a
reputable hobby breeder.  The
best way to do this is to attend
dog shows in your area.  You can
find a list of upcoming dog
shows by going to the following


Select your state and breed -
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to attend.
February 2002
October 2002
Reilly - Summer of 1999