Navy Boy was born on 12/20/08 at 9:20 p.m.  He was the 1st of 7 pups born.  
His dam is Ch Cuileann One Hot Minute (Sizzle) and his sire is Ch Aran The Bet'r
To Hear You With (Oki).
Navy Boy - "Roman"
Almost 24 Hours Old and
7.6 oz
3 Days Old and now 8.6
3 Days Old again!
Another 3 Days Old
1 Week Old and now
15.0 oz
1 Week Old Again!
1 pound and 10.8
2 Weeks Old Again!
Navy Boy with Mom
Still 2 Weeks Old!
3 Weeks Old and 2
pounds 5.0 ounces!
Guess I Should Just
Check It Out....
A Toy!  What Do I Do
With A Toy?
Wow!  What's In That
This is One Cool Toy!
That Didn't Work, I'll
Just Stick With The
I'm Gonna Take This
Thing Down!
5 Weeks Old Now
and 3 lbs 9.4 oz!
Ha Ha, I'm Out and
You Aren't!
How Come Granny
Fave Gets To Be On
The Couch?
Do You Think Tanner
Will Mind My Chewing
On His Tail?
9.0 oz, with Tanner