Sizzle's Pedigree!

Sizzle started her show career when she was 7 months old, winning one of the two required
Major wins her first weekend out and her second major during Montgomery Kennel Club
Specialty weekend in October, 2006.  Sizzle also won the very prestigious Bred By Exhibitor
Class at our National Specialty in 2007.

Sizzle once again has done very well at the important 2008 Specialty Shows.  Sizzle took
Reserve Winner's Bitch at the Delaware Valley Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club's Specialty
Show held in conjunction with Buck's County Kennel Club Show in May and later this year won

Reserve Winner's Bitch
 on the Friday of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America's
National Specialty weekend in early October after winning the
Bred By Exhibitor Class the day

Sizzle is all that a Wheaten should be...energetic, intelligent, full of fun and mischief as well as
sweet and affectionate!

Sizzle was bred in October, 2008 to
Ch Aran The Betr To Hear You With (Oki).  Sizzle's hips
OFA good and eyes are clear (CERF).  Sizzle is also current on all of the recommended
annual health tests required by the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America.  Extensive
research has been done into the health status on both sides of the pedigree, going back
multiple generations!  Oki's hips are
OFA Excellent and eyes are clear.  Oki happens to be
Favorite's son from her first litter and lives with Shari Boyd Carusi.

Check out the
Pedigree of Sizzle's 1st litter!

Take a look at the
ultrasound of Sizzle's pups!

Meet Sizzle's 1st Litter!
Green Boy - Waylon
Lt Blue Boy - Hardly
Navy Boy - Roman
Red Boy - Detail
Lilac Girl - Lilac
Pink Girl - Dazzle
Purple Girl - BiBi

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Video of the Pups at 3 Weeks of Age

Sizzle's Pups are now on YouTube  - 5 Weeks of Age

More Videos of the Pups!

Meet Sizzle's 6 brothers and sisters!
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Sizzle's 1st Christmas
Sizzle at 16 Weeks
Ch Cuileann One Hot Minute

Sizzle was born July 18, 2005.  Her dam is Libby and sire is Ch Greentree Darcove Fairytale ROM,
Jason.  Sizzle recently whelped her second and last litter.  To Meet the new Cuileann Wheaten
pups, click
Sizzle at 6 Months in AZ
Sizzle at 6 Weeks
Sizzle's 2nd Major during
MCKC '06 after taking
Reserve the day before!
Sizzle in the Winner's Bitch
lineup during MCKC '07
Another look at Sizzle
during Winner's Bitch at
MCKC '07
Sizzle wins the Bred By
Exhibitor Class at MCKC
'07 under Judge Edd
Sizzle in the Winner's
Bitch lineup representing
the BBE class at Hatboro
on Thurs, Oct 2nd, 2008
Sizzle at MCKC '08 in
the BBE class!
Sizzle again at MCKC
Sizzle's 1st Major at 7 months of
age her first weekend in the ring!
Sizzle wins another point
under Terrier Specialist,
Peter Green in November '07
Sizzle takes Winner's Bitch
and Best of Breed to become
a Champion on 11/2/08.
Shari Boyd Carusi, longtime
Wheaten Breeder, Top Terrier
Professional Handler along with
being my mentor, put the last 3
points on Sizzle.
One last view of Sizzle's
Championship photo with Dr.
Gerard Penta and Shari Boyd
Don't be fooled, they
are just taking a
It won't be long until
they are out of the
whelping box!
The Kids and Sizzle
Playtime with Mom!
Sizzle and her 7 pups!
The puppy pile!