If you are looking for immediate answers to
behavioral/training problems, I recommend the training
information available at the
Denver Dumb Friends League.

Not all dog trainers are created equal.  The best training
method for Wheatens is positive reinforcement.  You can
locate certified dog trainers who are members of the
Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) by zip code

If your Wheaten rules the roost, you need to implement the
Nothing In Life Is Free (NILIF) regimen.  Dogs are not
people nor do they think like people.  Dogs and especially
Wheatens want their "people" to give them boundaries and
set the pace.  Nothing In Life Is Free will make life easier for
the humans and the dog!

If your Wheaten is really out of control,
Leading the Dance
by Shirley Chong may make the difference between
surrendering your dog to a shelter or Rescue Group and
having a lifelong companion.

Recommended Reading:

Jean Donaldson - Culture Clash
Patricia McConnell - The Other End of the Leash