The Rule of 7's

By the time a puppy is seven weeks old he or she should have:

  • Been on 7 different types of surfaces such as carpet, concrete, wood, vinyl,
    grass, dirt, gravel and wood chips.

  • Played with 7 different types of objects:  big balls, small balls, soft fabric
    toys, fuzzy toys, squeaky toys, paper or cardboard items, metal items and

  • Been in 7 different locations:  front yard, back yard, basement, kitchen,
    car, garage, laundry room or bathroom.

  • Met and played with 7 new people including children, older adults, tall
    people, people with high pitched voices, deep voices, people wearing hats
    and people of different races.

  • Been exposed to 7 challenges:  climb on a box, climb off a box, go  through
    a tunnel, climb steps, go down steps, climb over obstacles, play  hide and
    seek, go in and out of a doorway with a step up or down and run around  a

  • Eaten from 7 different types of containers;  metal, plastic, cardboard,
    paper, china, pie plate and frying pan

  • Eaten in 7 different locations:  crate, yard, kitchen, basement, laundry  
    room, living room and car.
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